Investors Want You to Find Them

Have you seen him? He is the investor who wants to write a check, but he doesn’t know you. You’re lost with a lack of resources and feeling pinched on time. Money’s gotta come in or your dreams are going out the door. “Where’s Waldo?!”

So let us help you connect the dots. Put two and two together. People only invest in people they like. Investors are capitalists that back passionate entrepreneurs to give them resources to execute. Waldo wants to find you. He’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList. In fact, he’s trying to make this so easy for you, he’s telling you exactly what he’s looking for. 

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to create your networks, meet investors, build rapport, demonstrate thought leadership, and prove to them you are worthy of their money. Nobody, we repeat, NOBODY can do this for you. So lace up your running shoes and put on your game face because Waldo is out there and you just need to find him. And technology is a great way to help expedite your journey.

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~Patrick Donohue